10 Tips to keep cool this Summer

Summer time is upon us and although we all love summer, especially summer holidays, there are a few important tips you need to keep in mind before heading off on your summer run. So here are 10 tips to make summer running even more fun.

1. Try leaving for your run a little earlier in the morning

Theres no better time to run that early in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up. You have the roads and trails to yourself and the cool morning air will give your mood a boost for the rest of the day.

2. Join a morning running club

Our first tip leads us to our second tip. We know it’s not always easy to get up even earlier for your morning run but joining a running club will give you that extra determination and support plus give you that added energy through the clubs camaradarie.

3. Drink water like there’s no tomorrow

Not only will you keep yourself hydrated but keeping your body at a high hydration level also keeps your cooling mechanism up. Make sure to keep drinking water every hour while on your run and to start off your run fully hydrated as well.

4. Wear comfortable summer gear

There are so many new materials out there that have been designed to reflect moisture and sun rays, as well as allow the air to flow through the material to help keep your body cool. Light colours and loose fitting running gear is a definite must this summer so invest in some good summer gear and stay cool this summer.

5. Throw a little water on your face

This is more of a psychological tip that anything else. Pouring water on your head or face will give you that added psychological boost but dont forget to keep drinking your water just because you have an instant cooling relief.

6. It’s all about timing

Starting slowly in the beginning of summer is essential to allowing your body to gradually ease in to the new temperature change of the season. The slower you start the longer you will end up running without letting your body reach the over heating threshold.

7. Time for a dip!

Summer time is swimming time! There is no better feeling than taking a dive in to a cool pool after a run and just knowing that you have that to look forward to after a run can give you a psychological boost during your run because you have something amazing to look forward to when its done!

8. Invest in a camel pack

For those that run far distances with very little water sources in between, a camel pack is a great investment for storing water when there is no water around. Keeping hydrated is the number one tip for summer running so make sure you always have enough water to keep your body hydrated and your cooling mechanism at it peak.

9. If your going to speed, do it in the morning

We have mentioned that taking it slow is also a key factor for summer running but of course some of us still need to do our speed training. Rather do your speed training early in the mornings when its coolest and save those long distance slow runs for the afternoon.

10. Listen to the weather man

If there are heat warnings for your area, listen to them closely. If it is going to be particularly dangerous to run in a heat wave, rather just give it a skip or take the day to do some other types of excercise such as swimming or take the time go shopping for some new summer gear to keep you cool and safe for your next summer run.

So keep these ten tips in mind this summer and always remember to “Just be cool.”

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