5 Essential foods for runners

5 foods runners need every week for top performance

Most supermarkets stock 1,000’s of items yet for most of us we always end up buying the same 15 to 20 items. This is’nt neccessarily a bad thing as long as those items are the right ones, ones that are healthy and packed with performance rich vitamins and minerals. Being able to use these items in a variety of ways is also something to keep in mind when doing your routine grocery shopping. So here are a few great  items to consider adding to your cart.


Just a small handful of vitamin E and antioxidant packed almonds, three to five times a week will lower circulating cholestral levels, decreasing your risk of heart disease.  

You can add these nuts to many dishes such as salads, pasta dishes or even your morning cereal for an added nutritional boost before heading out each morning. Almonds and various other nuts can also make for a great trail mix and give you the extra energy you need to keep running to that finish line.


Did you know that just one egg can fill up to 10% of your daily protein requirements. The protein from eggs is one of the best types of protein out there and contains all the crucial amino acids your muscles need when running hard. The protein in eggs also helps promote the muscle recovery process.  

You can add eggs, whether scrambled, boiled or fried (in a non-stick pan to reduce added fat intake) to sandwiches, wraps, salads and pasta dishes. 


Cherries are full of antiodants and contain particularly large concentrations of a type of antioxidant called anthocyanins. They provide various benefits ranging from maintaining healthy blood vessels to preventing cancerous growths. Theyre great for athletic performance! 

Cherries can be added to your diet in many ways from throwing them in the blender with your smoothies or as a tasty juice that you can buy at most super markets, just make sure that they use the real deal and not just a cherry flavourant. Once again, they can be added to your morning breakfast cereal to give you an added antioxidant kick to start your day.

Whole Grain Cereal:

Since there are so many things that can be added to cereal to give you that added boost each morning, lets discuss the best cereal for runners. Look for whole-grain cereals that offer at least five grams of fiber and at least eight grams of protein. Keep an eye on the added sugars, try get less than 10 grams of sugars per serving.

Breakfast as we all know it is the most important meal of the day. People dont just say it because it is a myth but research indicates that those who eat breakfast are healthier and manage their weight better than those who dont eat breakfast. 

Frozen Stir Fry Vegetables:

Research shows that acting a combination of antioxidants may lessen the muscle soreness after a hard few sessions on the track or gym. You can get these antioxidant mixes in most frozen vegetable combos that include vegetables such as peppers, onions, soy beans and sprouts. They save on chopping time and are quick to prepare.

Add these vegetable combos to your wok or deep sided pan, add a little seafood, chicken or meat of your choice and serve on either brown rice or noodles. They also pair well with stews but be sure to add them at the end of the stewing.

So the next time you are walking through the aisles in your favourite super market, try thinking dynamically and try something new to add to your basket that you can use in many different ways and dishes that will benefit you and your day to day performance.

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