Common mistakes to avoid on long runs

A long run is truly the crux of all endurance running programs. Its what teaches your body to handel those long runs by focusing your mind and body. Here are a few simple steps to help you avoid making any common long running mistakes.

Start off slow and dont bite off more than your body can chew

So you have finally committed to getting your body ready for that long marathon and you are excited to dive right in to training. That excitement can lead runners to want to push themselves harder than ever and run that extra distance but this can lead to much aching and pain and ultimately set back in your training instead of helping them.

Work out a distance plan that works with your fitness limit and if you feel it hurting your body to much, tone it down and increase your distance gradually over time.

The tortoise and the hair 

Everyone knows the kids story that has been around forever about the tortoise and the hair. Well with distance running it can also apply. When starting a long distance training workout plan, start of doing it at your own pace. Forget about the time you would like to achieve a certain distance untill you are at a reasonable fitness level that lets you make the distance without injuring yourself. Once you can do that, slowly start working your time down gradually over time.

To many long runs in a row

When training for long distance runs its important to give yourself resting periods. That doesn’t mean no running at all but rather set your training plan to include a variation of shorter fun runs and intense short distance runs. Once you reach that fitness level you need and are happy with the finishing time you have set for the distance you are aiming for, you can start slipping in those long runs more often over time so as not to put to much strain on your body

Remeber that plans can change

Yes, having a training plan is important but as your fitness level increases or perhaps you get an unexpected injury, your plan will change. So be flexible and don’t get discouraged when or if your training plan changes. 

So to all those long distance runners out there, keep going, take it easy and most of all… enjoy the run!

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