How to keep motivated in winter

We all know that feeling of waking up in the morning, the ice in the air and that gloomy winter light just barely peeking over the horizon. This time of year can be hard on many runners motivation levels but it doesnt have to be. This article will share a few tips with you on how to keep those motivational levels up when you feel those winter blues.

1. Find a running buddy

Running with a partner or even a group is a great motivational tool. For those cold wet mornings when running is just the last thing you want to do, knowing that you are accountable for being part of a friend or group run will help you mentally to get out of bed. An added benefit of running with a friend or in a group is that you can help push each other as well as keep each others minds off the cold winter weather.

2. Join the club!

If you cant find the ideal running partner or your friends are just not as devoted to running as you are, join a club. Most cities and towns have a running club that you can join. This is a great way to get to know the local trails and make a few new running buddies. If for some reason there is not a running club for you to join then why not start your own? With all the social media channels at our finger tips these days, starting up a small friendly running club is easy.

3. Register for multiple races

Just because its Winter does not mean that there are no races to enter. Make sure to enter yourself in to a few Winter races as far in advance as you can so that you have the time to mentally prepare for them. This will also give you that motivation in the morning to start training for those races as well as soak up the positive race vibes at the events you have signed up for.

4. Spoil yourself a little

New gear is probably my favourite motivational tool ever. If anything can get you out of bed and in to the cold outdoors for a run, its those new shoes you have been eying for months or maybe a new fit bit that you are dying to try out. Whatever new item you have added to your arsenal of running gear, it will definitely get you motivated and feeling good.

So don’t let the Winter blues get you down and keep yo from reaching your goals. Find a friend, join a club, enter those races and don’t forget to spoil yourself every now and then. We hope this article has helped you and we wish all runners out there a Winter of happy running!

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