National Business Challenge Relay - 25 September 2022

The Concept

The Business Challenge Relay is a Road Running / Walking event with distinctive features, totally unique to the other 500 (plus) Road Running events in South Africa. Individual runners [both licensed and non-licensed (general fitness market) runners]  are grouped together under specific business categories,  reaching masses and creating  unparalleled excitement . It is more than a race; it is an event.

Add to these business categories a school category [strategically positioned], incorporate a Relay for Road Running Clubs [Championship], identify a good cause to benefit, and the brand is engaging on all markets and with the community.

The concept of the event allows for blue print presentations of events in various cities, – A National Series.  In addition to results per city event, these city results are also combined in one set of results, ranking all finishing times as if the participants of the different cities took part in “one” national event. This is done for individual times and team/business categories.

The NBCR therefore leverage friendly competition amongst:

  • organisations in the same but also different regions across the country;
  • different branches or departments of the same organisation; road running clubs, regionally and nationally

The event offers an extended hospitality component at NBCR events. Organisations book hospitality packages at their own cost and the day is supported with entertainment activities such as: mini shows & exhibitions; food stalls; give-aways. This existing audience and the duration of the event [8 hours plus], justify an entertainment programme, only to be limited by budget availability.  E.g. live music performance[s].  

Due to the nature of the event, it is an opportunity for a sponsor ‘s “own” employees to participate and to entertain existing clients and potential new clients.

The biggest event of its kind in South Africa


The Business Challenge is first and foremost a team event, developed to promote  fitness and camaraderie. And, although some teams rightly take the competition very seriously, it is not a race for Olympic wannabees. It’s a fun event, a mass participation event for runners, walkers and joggers.

The event is open to full time employees of corporations, government departments, private companies or any other employment organisation where people work together.


  • It is organised to foster company involvement and teamwork in the best spirit of competition. All runners/walkers are encouraged to wear their company T-shirt and rally non-running co-workers to the race site to cheer their team(s) to victory.
  • The event allows organisations to:
  • Challenge other organisations [in the same or different regions across the country.
  • Challenge branches or departments of the same organisation.


  • Running Teams:        6 legs of 7km each       –          total distance 42,2km
  • Walking Teams:         3 legs of 7km each       –          total distance 21,1km

Presented in South Africa in four cities: 

  • Four main provinces: Gauteng, KZN, Cape Province and Free State.
  • Other cities in South Africa and Africa can follow.

The only relay in South Africa that takes place over the magical marathon distance of 42.2KM


Business Categories:

  • Accountancy
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Building / Properties
  • Agriculture / Mining
  • Government Departments / Embassies / City Councils
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecoms
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Energy/Petroleum
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail/Wholesale/Stores
  • Media/PRO/Printing
  • Transportation/Shipping
  • Other Businesses

Non-corporate Categories:

  • Sport Clubs
  • Clients/Customers
  • Schools

Team Categories:

    • Mixed
    • Men
    • Women
    • Veterans
    • A Rewarding Experience
    • Floating trophies and gold medals to the winning teams
    • Silver medals to top performing teams [all team members]
    • Bronze medals to all other teams finishing [all team members]
    • Country wide results and ranking lists


To offer South Africans a unique Road Running Event.

To promote fitness & wellness and support a healthier workforce.  Studies have shown that healthy activities increase productivity,  reduce health costs,  and improve employee morale.

For Sponsors

  • To strengthen relationships with the people you do business with every day.
  • Existing Clients, Future Clients and own Employees.

An ideal team-building opportunity:

Team work has become the central focus in all successful business environments. Without the commitment to achieve a mutual goal and objective even the most dynamic of environments will stagnate. 

A unique CSI and/or sponsorship opportunity: To change lives for the better, – A Fundraising event.

To have FUN!… and more fun.

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