New Years running resolutions

The new year is apon us and its time to start thinking about this years running goals.

These goals may be to loose weight, enhance your stamins or maybe finally participate in that marathin you have been training so hard for. Regardless of what your goals are, we know its not always easy to stick to new years resolutions. So here are a few tips to keep you focussed on those goals.

Run with a partner

Running with a partner keeps you motivated and also makes running just that much more fun. Running with a partner is also much safer especially for ladies.

Find new environments

Wether its finding new mountain trails or you are lucky enough to live along the coast, find new running routes to help keep you inspired and motivated. New scenary also keeps you runs exciting and keeps you running further because you always want to discover whats around that newxt corner.

Set your goals realistically

So many times we start our new years with big goals. Goals that are bordering the unrealistic border. Start your goals small, leading to the bigger goals for further in the year. Setting smaller goals leading up to the final bigger goals is important. This is because you can crush those smaller goals throughout the year and give yourself the motivation and cinfidence every time you reach one of those goals. So be realistic and set your goals wisely. Write them down and smile each time you cross one off that list.

Take it easy

Build your training up slowly. Theres no need to put to much strain on your body and end up with an injury which sets you back even further. 

Your fitness will improve quickly when you start running, but your muscles and tendons will need time to get stronger .

To avoid injuries, start by jogging at a calm pace and alternate this with walking. Once you feel that you are ready for the next level, start adding distance to each run. Pretty soon you will have doubled your distance with inceased stamina. Give your body time to adjust. If you get injured early on it will unravell all that time spent training and you may end up giving it all up due to the lack of motivation while being injured.

So with these facts in mind, have a great new year, stay motivated and keep on running.

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