Spring running tips

A lot of runners tend to lose inspiration over the winter so here are some things you can do to help you get back in to that fitness routine.

Running on the road is a little more challenging than running on a treadmill but in winter we all tend to aim towards the treadmill.

Ramp up slowly

The general rule about increasing mileage is that you should increase by no more than 10-percent each week. For example, if you run 10 miles during your first week back, run no more than 11 miles the following week. If you are injury-prone or are currently recovering from an injury, you should stick to a 5-percent increase week-over-week. This may be tedious and hard to do, but it will help ensure that you stay injury-free.

Prepare for the weather

In many parts of the country, spring weather is very unpredictable. Be prepared for any kind of weather. Make sure you have gear for cold mornings, such as long pants, gloves, or a wool cap, as well as clothes for warm weather, like shorts and a T-shirt. Also make sure you have a good water-resistant jacket on hand if you live in an area where spring showers are likely.

Keep allergies under control

Spring is a time when most of us get seriously affected by allergies. This can alter your ambition to get out there and run drastically. 

consider joining a local gym or investing in a treadmill until your allergies subside. If running outside makes your allergies flare up, you are probably far less likely to go for a run. If you can stay indoors to run, however, you won’t miss out on your training and you can keep your allergies under control.

So don’t let winter get the best of you and your training schedule. It almost springs so start preparing and we will see you out there! 

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