The benefits of running with friends

For some, running alone is something that they enjoy and feel that they run better alone with fewer distractions such as a running partner who just can’t seem to keep up. Fo others, running with a partner or perhaps in a group is the best way to keep them motivated and push themselves harder to either impress or sometimes just to keep up. 

Running with a friend can also have many benefits, so here are some things to consider about running with friends.

Dive right in

Consider running with the local running club in your area. This way you get to meet many like minded individuals and create more running friends which is always beneficial as the more running friends you have, the more people to keep you motivated you have and the more advise on things such as injuries or diets you have.

Find an equal

Now that you have a wide net of running buddies you can focus on finding those special few who you can train with that will match you on your fitness level. Sure running in large groups is fun and definitely has its benefits but in order to push yourself to your potential level of running fitness, having an equally fit and running ready friend to train with will help you reach the level you want to be at.

Honesty is the best policy

It is important to be open about your fitness level and training strategies with your running partners. If you tell your partner that you can keep up with them only to end up hurting yourself after the first week of training with them then you are not only hurting yourself but eventually you will end up holding your partner back from achieving their goals.

Non exclusive partners

It’s O.K to have a number of running friends. Gaining benefits from partners is what running with friends is all about and each runner has their own set of benefits that you can absorb over time. Remember they are all benefiting from you as well, so share the love and wisdom you have gained from running with anyone who may benefit from it.

Making like minded friends

A great part about running with like minded individuals is that their is a chance that you can make a life long buddy. Most runners all have some common core values which is the foundation of any friendship. It may start with a run and end up with a weekly coffee but regardless of what it is you and your new running friend do, the point is that it all started with running.

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