The secret language of runners

Runners speak a different language of their own compared to most non-runners. Theres a hidden message behind everything a runner says which is often very subtle and undetectable unless you are an avid runner. This article will take a deeper look in to these hidden meanings and uncover what is really being said. So without wasting any time lets get started.

I’m going for a quick run.

The runner may be gone for hours. However she is feeling guilty for leaving you alone and is hoping that you will not notice how long she has been gone.

I’m going to run slowly today.

Just in case she does not have a good run, she has her excuse, but chances are she will leave you in the dust.

My (insert body part) has been hurting me so I’m not sure how I’ll do today.

This is to psych out the competition and make them think that she is not a threat.

The doctor said I could start running as soon as I wanted.

The doctor has advised a week of rest but the runner is afraid she will lose her fitness level.

It doesn’t matter if I win something in the race.

I really hope that I win something in the race.

The course has rolling hills.

You are about to run some huge hills! So prepare yourself to feel the burn!

It’s just a 5K, come run with me just this once.

The runner is hoping you will catch running fever because 5K’s are the gateway drug of running. One minute you are running three miles and before you know it, you’re signing up for an ultra in the desert.

I like wearing t-shirts.

The runner has been spending so much money on race fees that the race t-shirts have become a wardrobe staple.

We are almost there.

You have a long way but this is the runner’s way to keep you going. You will become slightly suspicious after he or she says it a few more times.

I need a variety of footwear.

This is to explain why the runner’s closet has at least ten or more pairs of sneakers.

These are but a few of the things runners may say that most non-runners will not understand but as long as you keep that in mind, trying to find the true meaning of what is really being said can be a lot easier. So keep practicing and keep running!

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