Treadmills aren’t all bad

We know a lot of people hate running on treadmills, but they dont have to anymore.

Here are a few benefits of running indoors on a tradmill.

1. One of the main benefits of a treadmill session is that when it is to hot houtside to take your speed run, you can rather stay in the cool outdoors, get your running session in and not get a stroke outside when its over 30C. 

2. Once you have dialed in that treadmill and the tread starts moving, you have no option but to run. You see those dials moving towards your mark and they keep you pushing because no one wants to see those numbers not reach the goal they have set in their mind from the start.

3. Some outdoor runners will take on to much trail to handle and end up breaking up their runs before getting back home to the finish line. With treadmills you can gradually increase the distance and build up your stamina over the days, weeks, months and end up running further in time because there were no breaks in between. 

So if you are doing a fair bit of running on a treadmill, dont sweat it because at the end of the day, having a good run, is all that matters.

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