X-treme chair race at Kayalami race track

The Office National X-treme Chair Race is Johannesburg’s first Office  Chair Race. The mission is to bring people together to raise awareness and funds for QuadPara.

Where will this amazing day be held you ask? 

The prestigious Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit is opening their track at Platform 1 for our exhibition. So, get your takkies on, pimp your Office Chair, style those overalls and make your way down to Kyalami on the 13th of May for a day of style, speed and stealth! Let’s help those who lack mobility get mobile again!

Once the checkered flag has been lowered, the trophies & prizes presented and the wounds attended to, you are invited to join us for entertainment, and food/fuel stands.

Office National Africa needs YOUR help to assist QuadPara in raising funds for wheelchairs. These wheelchairs will provide the mobility needed to assist in getting more paraplegics and quadriplegics back into school and the work place.

The QuadPara Association of South Africa strives to develop the full potential of quadriplegics and
paraplegics. Any donations made as part of your entry fee will be hugely appreciated.

How does it work?

Each team must be made up of 10 racers in total.

Each Team must pimp, modify and accessorize a non-motorized office chair with a minimum of 2 wheels. Your Pimped Office Chair must have started out as a working office chair. The more modifications, accessories and creativity that goes into your Pimped Office Chair the better!
Your team of 10 racers must be split into 2 relay groups of 5. Each relay group must have a designated driver who the other 4 racers will then push or drag the length of a 100m dash. The 2nd relay group will then take over with their designated driver in the hot seat, and push or drag back along the 100m – so each team will cover a total of 200m

Race day will consist of qualifying heats, leading to quarter-finals, semi-finals and the Grand Prix final!

The main objective of the day is FUN & FUNDRAISING, but if you manage to cross the finish line – then that will be an added bonus… and if you manage to cross the finish line first… then your team and your Pimped Office Chair will be able to roll (or crawl) away in the knowledge that you are the Kings and/or Queens of the race track!

X-Treme Chair Donations

How do I enter?

To enter the Office National X-treme Chair Race, visit their website at www.extremechairrace.com and click the SUIT UP button on the main menu and

select the Entry Form tab. This will open a downloadable PDF window. If you could save the PDF and send it

along with proof of payment to: xcr@officenational.co.za

All informatione from www.extremechairrace.com

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